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Unique Food Cleaners

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Air Quality Analyzers

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Control. Purifing. Desinfecting.


Detoxicating. Purifing. Desinfecting.


Control. Purifing. Analizing.

food detoxer

Milerd Detoxer

Personal food detoxification device. Destroys toxins in food at the molecular level.

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radiation detector

Milerd HiStand

Smart, accurate and solar powered Geiger counter. Protected from water and dust.

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Milerd HiRange

Personal high range EMF detector.

Measures 5G, electric & magnetic fields and calculates cumulative dose.

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air quality analyzers

Air Quality Analyzers

Line of high precision air quality analyzers. Measures radon, PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10,
VOC & more.

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About us

Milerd is a dedicated company developing cutting-edge devices catering to indoor air quality monitoring and product purification. We also specialize in making high-end personal EMF detectors, Air Quality Indicators, and UV-C Air Purifiers. We are dedicated to providing responsive solutions that guarantee a clean and safe indoor environment for our clients. With a strong emphasis on technological advancement and environmental responsibility, Milerd continues to lead the way in providing reliable and effective tools that contribute to healthier living spaces.

Innovative Eco-Safety Devices

Milerd specializes in developing cutting-edge eco-safety devices that are crucial to environmental health and safety. These devices are designed to monitor and improve indoor air quality, purify food products, and provide advanced detection capabilities.

  • HiRange EMF Detector. This is because apart from quantifying electromagnetic field (EMF) 5G networks, the gadget can measure low and high-frequency electromagnetic fields. In homes, offices, and public places, this radiation meter helps evaluate the radiation exposure level. The personal radiation detector is small and operates on low power; thus, it will not interfere with the measurement process for long periods, hence guaranteeing a safe mind against electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.
  • Detoxer. The Detoxer is an innovative purification system designed to eliminate contaminants from food products. It boasts a purification efficiency exceeding 96%, effectively removing pesticides, heavy metals, molds, and other harmful substances. This device applies sophisticated technology to guarantee that food is safe, pure, and nutritious, making it desirable for homes and businesses alike.
  • Aero Q4 Radon Gas Analyzer. We offer the Aero Q4 Radon Gas Analyzer for comprehensive indoor atmosphere quality monitoring. This multifunctional air quality tester measures radon concentrations, humidity levels, and temperature, providing accurate and reliable data to maintain a healthy indoor environment. The easy-to-use interface and real-time monitoring make tracking atmosphere quality parameters simple to maintain the best conditions for a healthy life.

The devotion of the eco-safety device manufacturer to modernization and ecological permanence shows in these eco-safety devices, designed to improve the quality of life by supporting safe and healthier living spaces, show the devotion of the eco-safety device manufacturer to modernization and ecological permanence. Milerd’s commitment to technology for the advancement of society is brought out in these commodities, allowing people and communities to prosper through cleaner and more secure environments.

Ensuring Clean Air with Air Quality Analyzers

Modern environmental stewardship efforts require atmosphere quality analyzers to ensure clean air. We have developed advanced air quality testers for optimal indoor and outdoor air conditions. These eco-friendly devices use state-of-the-art sensors to recognize pollutants like particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or even carbon dioxide and offer real-time data for informed decision-making. By giving accurate measurements and keeping on track with continuous monitoring, people and establishments can now act in advance to improve the atmosphere they breathe by using the latest technology in terms of servicing them. These analyzers are critical in preserving public health and encouraging sustainable living practices in residential homes, offices, and industrial settings. Air quality analyzers are indispensable tools for monitoring compliance with air quality standards to safeguard everyone’s well-being due to their friendly interfaces coupled with robust analytical capabilities.

Radiation Detectors

Radiation detectors play a critical role in safeguarding environmental and public health, and Milerd is at the forefront with advanced technology in this field. Having been designed to measure different forms of radiation like alpha, beta, gamma, and X-rays, these detectors guarantee full-range monitoring. Milerd’s devices have sensitive sensors that can detect the smallest amount of radiation and provide advance notice to quickly respond to potential threats. Dosimeters are useful in nuclear plants, medical institutions, and environmental conservation and management to ensure safety measures are adhered to per the set standards.

Milerd’s radiation detectors’ reliability and precision give users faith in their measurements. The eco-friendly electronic gadgets are made for practicality and mobility, so they can be used both on a stationary or mobile, with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls that allow operators to make sense of the data and react promptly when necessary. Regular tests and radical developments guarantee that Milerd’s radiation detectors remain highly reliable and effective, resulting in a safer world for all people.

Detoxifier Machines

Milerd offers quality eco-safety products designed to effectively cleanse food, air, and water. These machines employ sophisticated filtration and purification technologies to eliminate toxins like pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals. Milerd detoxifiers contribute to enhancing general health by ensuring that consumables are pure and reducing risks of ill health caused by environmental pollutants.

Millerd's food sterilizers are engineered for effectiveness and dependability, boasting high purification rates and comprehensive elimination processes. They are created to address various impurities in a way that assures the safety of food, air, or water. The machines are very easy to use with interface controls that can be easily operated and maintained, ensuring ease of operation at home or in commercial places.