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Milerd Detoxer

Upgrade your healthy lifestyle with our innovative fruit and veg cleaner machine

Uncover the science of molecular-level cleansing for your meat, fruit, and vegetables, all in a matter of minutes.

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Detoxify pesticides & much more

With extraordinary efficiency, purify your food of pesticides, heavy metals, molds, and many harmful substances at a rate exceeding 96%. Removing nitrates in food will positively affect your health, making every bite you take pure and nourishing. With our modern detoxification methods, relax, as the food you eat is delicious and has no toxic contaminants. Our system guarantees that all kinds of poisons are removed; therefore, we ensure food safety at its highest level possible. Improve your health now and gain confidence in the fact that what you eat is pure and will not harm you.

milerd food detoxer

2.4 inches Color LCD touchscreen display

USB type-C power

Up to 6 weeks of battery life on standby

Up to 20 standard cleaning cycles in one charge


Sale price$375.00 USD

Backed by research

Effective removal of microbiological and chemical contamination. Tests conducted by Swiss and European laboratories have demonstrated a purification efficiency of 93-99%.

Market-Leading Nutrient Protector

The Milerd Detoxer ultrasonic fruit and veg washer machine is arguably the only one on the market tested to confirm that its use does not cause the loss of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. The tests conducted showed that after purification, there was no loss of the most unstable ingredients.

EU quality

Milerd Detoxer was created in Europe, encompassing design, technology, laboratory testing, and production. Companies from countries such as Switzerland and Poland participated in the design, research, and production. Milerd Detoxer is manufactured in the European Union!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Cleans food from the most stubborn contamination. Eliminates unpleasant odours.

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Destroys toxins, chemicals, arsenic, mould, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

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Kills harmful bacteria, viruses and small parasites.


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External cleaning

The fruit and vegetable cleaner machine operates by generating a highly oxidizing environment within the water, saturating it with active oxygen molecules. This process decomposes hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, phosphates, heavy metals, chlorides, and others to save water and carbon dioxide. This latest technology guarantees that your water is both clean and devoid of any harmful contaminants that may be a danger to your health. Enjoy the tranquility of mind that accompanies being aware that your water is pure, secure, and revitalizing courtesy of our up-to-the-minute purification system.


Internal cleaning

The system speeds up the exchange of molecules with water through high-powered ultrasound treatment. This method is progressive as it deeply detoxifies the surface and content of the product, thereby relieving it from contaminants. Our technology uses ultrasound for complete purification so that you can have clean and safe food and drinks. Every part of your meal has been thoroughly detoxified to guarantee your health and well-being.


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Molecular cleaning

The combined effect of ultrasound and active oxygen allows to achieve the penetration of oxidative molecules deep inside the product. This results in the product's complex cleaning, detoxification and antiparasitic processing. All its useful properties and vitamins at the same time are safe and sound.


How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables:

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1. Preparing

Fill a deep, non-plastic container with water and place the products you want to purify in it. Make sure the products float freely in the water and are completely submerged.

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2. Cleaning

Dip the purifier into supply water and select the type of food on the fruit and vegetable washing machine touch screen. 

Click the "Start" button to begin the cleaning process. Food detoxifier will automatically adjust the processing mode depending on the type of product. The cleaning process will take at most 10 minutes.


3. Result

After the process is done, drain the water from the vessel. Your food now has no hazardous chemicals, microorganisms, or parasites.

Enjoy fresh and safe products without bothering about nutrient depletion or taints.

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milerd detoxer
Milerd Detoxer and fruits
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Product specification


The Milerd Detoxer is a portable device designed for the detoxification, disinfection, and anti-parasite processing of various foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, seafood, and more. With its superior technology, Detoxer successfully removes almost all pesticide residues, phosphates, chlorides, heavy metals, molds, and other harmful substances in food.

Using the Detoxer is simple and straightforward. To clean your food, place it in a non-plastic container filled with water and insert the food cleaner machine into the container. Click on the kind of food you want to treat on the touchscreen interface of a Detoxer and press the ‘Start’ button. The food cleaner device will automatically adjust its treatment mode based on the selected food type. In this case, the detoxer's operation involves introducing ozone into water, quickly oxidizing harmful substances. Simultaneously, inside the food product, these oxidizing molecules go through with the aid of a built-in ultrasonic generator at a high intensity, making it reach all parts.

For its portability and convenience, the Detoxer has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by using standard USB Type-C cables. The package includes a charger, ensuring you can keep the surface food cleaner powered and ready to use whenever needed.

Package contents

  • Detoxer
  • Adapter
  • USB Type-C
  • Manual
  • Package
Color LCD display

2.4 inches

Touchscreen type

Capacitive Touchscreen

Pesticide removal efficiency

97,6 %

Heavy metal removal efficiency

99,9 %

Mold removal efficiency

96,3 % 

Maximum treatment container capacity

3 Liters

Battery life on a single charge

Up to 6 weeks on standby or Up to20 standard processing


3600 mA/h


USB Type-C

Supply voltage

5 V

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Really Portable

With the device for removing contaminants from food, you can confidently take your food safety into your own hands, whether on a trip or enjoying the great outdoors. One portable design guarantees that you can bring it wherever you go, giving you peace concerning the safety of the food consumed.

Forget about uncertainties when eating, traveling, or camping, and leave them on detoxifying; this product has your back. Its small size allows it to be conveniently placed in a suitcase, rucksack, etc. so that wherever your interests take place, you will always have access to pure and safe meals. Whether traveling abroad or cooking on an open fire, Detoxer is responsible for any harmful substances in your meal, helping you enjoy the best experiences of cooking.

Enjoy fresh fruits, meat, and fish without being bothered by their possible effects on health while using a Milerd Detoxer, as it reliably protects one against such risks.