Radiation Detectors

Radiation in the Modern World

First of all these days everyone should understand what radiation is and both the benefits and dangers that exist with radiation. So what is radiation and what can cause radiation?

Quite simply Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through space at the speed of light. This energy has an electric field and a magnetic field associated with it, and has wave-like properties. You could also call radiation “electromagnetic waves”.

So what can cause radiation?

The answer to that includes so many things and initially millions of years ago before any modern technology the main source of radiation was the Sun and the earth’s own magnetic fields in things like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Of course we now known that naturally occurring radiation can cause harm to humans particularly the sun when either a person is exposed to the sun too much or has particularly light  fair skin and the result can be skin cancers which if not treated early can result in fatalities.

But in today’s high tech world what else causes radiation and the answer to that is a multitude of manmade devices such as X-Ray machines and advanced medical scanners to electrical devices found in almost every home:

  • microwave;
  • TV’s;
  •  computers;
  •  and even a mobile phone. 

Now before people start to be alarmed about those household items it should be said that they give off such low emissions of radiation that it causes absolutely no harm to a person when they in excellent normal condition.  

While X-Rays and body scanners used in the hospital have so many medical life saving advantages to us humans people should also be aware that many workers work in fields, such as a  Radiologist,  where they must always be aware of how much radiation is around them in their everyday work. Of course we know about people working in the nuclear industry and they of course they have the most advance equipment around them to safeguard them like advanced radiation detectors capable of detecting  the smalls of leaks. Mine worker with Geiger counters.

But there other workers constantly working in jobs which have radiation emissions.  Electrical workers, especially those working on major cables, installing or doing maintenance on masts or in power stations.  Baggage screeners at airports use machines daily for security and they in effect are just a type of X-Ray machine which relies on low level radiation to scan a person’s bag. In most cases they will also have detectors for their safety.

How to detect radiation?

Fortunately today there are plenty of devices that can instantly detect radiation even at very low acceptable levels. Some of these devices will be compulsory within industry for the safety of their workers but on the market now can be purchase personal small devices which will give ordinary people not in those higher risk jobs simple piece of mind of what radiation is around them.

These personal radiation detectors are now readily available and do not cost a fortune compared to those used in industry and medical science. It is actually amazing that these devices are no longer the large often heavy pieces of equipment of old like many Geiger counters were. 

These new portable radiation detectors can be as small and sometimes even lighter than a mobile phone. It is also fantastic just what these personal devices can detect. Here is a list of what can be found using these small personal detectors:

  • Infrared radiation;
  • alpha radiation;
  • gamma radiation;
  • radiation leaks on household equipment like a microwave;
  • radiation on food.

If you happen to live near a power station, large overhead cables or a radio mast than these portable detectors can actually tell you the radiations levels all around you. Things like electromagnetic radiation. Using such a radiation detector a person can become their very own Inspector. Now you can have peace of mind with your own personal radiation detector. 

How to measure radiation levels in my home and workplace

These devices can now be found on the internet and again they do not cost the earth. One such device is the Milerd HiStand  -  It is a personal radiation detector designed to detect food or objects contaminated with radiation, as well as to detect areas with increased background radiation. The device constantly monitors the user's accumulated radiation dose and issues a warning if it is exceeded. 

Milard HiStand has a simple and understandable interface with light, sound and highlighted indication of exceeding threshold values. Light, moisture and shock proof and fitted with a solar battery for indefinite recharging or plugged into a USB port for easy recharging and once fully charged this battery can last for up to 30 days. It is easy to read and can even give reads accumulated over 30 days. It will even work at temperatures of -10 degrees. 

Today, this is the most functional dosimeter on the market. It is easy to use and operate, is protected from damage and can work autonomously. Currently this particular device comes highly recommended in the industry as the best all round dosimeter on the market for reliability and value.