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UV-C Air Purifier


99.9 %

Killing of bacteria and viruses

including coronavirus

24 dB

Silent operation

Comparable to whisper

Safe UV-C

Does not let out UV emission

Safe for people around

Touch Screen

Autoprogramm Settings

Set up the schedule of operations

pro 2 main
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Product specification


Professional Milerd DZR-2 PRO UV-C air purifier equipped with a timer and touchscreen control unit. Designed to be used in any spaces in the presence of humans and animals without restrictions, suitable for domestic and professional use. DZR-2 PRO complies with the requirements of European Directives.

Suitable for public places, such as schools, restaurants, cafes, offices, production facilities, beauty salons, fitness clubs, shops, etc. The device is already used by many organizations-partners of our company who have successfully passed a large number of checks for compliance with European directives.

DZR-2 Pro has a 2.4″ color TFT touchscreen. The interface is understandable to any user. The display shows the remaining lamp lifespan in hours and residual bactericidal efficiency in %. You can automatically set the device on and off according to the days of the week and hours with an unlimited number of shutdown intervals. For instance, you can set the device to automatically turn on at 10 am and turn off at 6 pm with a break at 2 pm from Monday to Friday. In this mode, the device will be turned on and off without human involvement. This will extend the lamp’s life up to 3 times, save consumables and eliminate the human factor possible issues.

Milerd DZR-2 Pro uses an ozone-free UV-C bactericidal lamp made of UV glass.The maximum UV emission is 253.7 nanometers. This provides the highest bactericidal efficacy of 99.9%.

DZR-2 Pro can be used right after unpacking and does not require additional setup. It can be placed at any horizontal surface, such as a table or floor. It includes a special mount that allows you to place the device on the wall vertically or horizontally, for example, above the doorway. A 3-meter long power cord allows you to place DZR-2 Pro far from the sockets.

Milerd DZR-2 Pro case is made of high-quality polymeric-coated industrial steel. This eliminates corrosion and guarantees a minimum declared service life of at least 10 years. Noise level does not exceed 24 dB - equivalent to whispering. The device does not cause discomfort even when placed on the desktop. With these features, Milerd air purifiers are currently on top of the line of the purifiers market.

DZR-2 PRO Sale price$440.00 USD
DZR-2 PRO Sale price$440.00 USD
Air Flow

60 m3/h

Maximum space of disinfection

90 m2

UV-C lamp power

30 Watt

Power consumption

36 Watt

Supply voltage

220V / 50Hz or another (depends on request)

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Movement Freedom

Place the device vertically or horizontally on a surface or mount it on a wall. The distance between mountings is shown on the drawing.

Movement Freedom

Place the device vertically or horizontally on a surface or mount it on a wall. The distance between mountings is shown on the drawing.

dzr 2 pro draw